Does Sani-Soak Ultra break down during the day and start to smell?

Sani-Soak Ultra stays fresh all day and does not break down.

What is the recommended water temperature?

To activate enzymes the water should be lukewarm when adding solution.

Do I need to rinse the instruments after removing them from the solution?

Yes, rinsing the instruments prior to placing them into the autoclave is recommended. This ensures that all residue has been removed prior to the sterilization process.

How often do I need to change the solution?

Sani-Soak, Sani-Treet Plus, and Sani-Treet Green are most effective when changed daily.

In what order should the solution be added to the water?

To reduce foaming the solution should be added to the water.

Why does my solution foam?

Sani-Soak contains surfactants that create foam. Sani-Treet Plus and Sani-Treet Green are non-foaming products.

Where can I purchase any of your products?

All of our products are available through most Dental Dealers.