Sani-Soak® Ultra

Features & Benefits:

• Anti-Corrosive​
​• Non-toxic
​• Dual-purpose
• Extends the life of instruments and burs
• Concentrated formula is cost effective while offering exceptional cleaning
• Reduces hand scrubbing​

Sani-Soak Ultra is a dual-purpose, anti-corrosive, enzymatic cleaner that can be used in the ultrasonic and as a wet evacuation cleaner. It is highly concentrated, non-toxic, biodegradable, safe for the environment and effective in removing organic debris while improving the life of instruments and burs.
Sani-Soak Ultra is available in two scents, Lemongrass Lavender and a fresh Cool Mint and multiple dispensing options for ease of use and added convenience.

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Sani-Soak Ultra is available in:

Lemongrass Lavender

Cool Mint





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